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Everything in this section is AWESOME!! :love:


Frozen: Male!Elsa by Kiwa007
by Kiwa007

First of all, this is beautiful! So smooth and I love how you've drawn him! I think you may have changed the shading a bit too much on ...

Moon Princess by Loves-Chihuahuas

This is my first time critiquing (critiqueing?) anything so here goes! First of all I'd like to say this is a gorgeous piece. I HAD to ...

I don't always critique, but when I do I use constructive criticism. Keep drawing my friends.


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Adoptable Kuroshitsuji OC - The Soul Collector by Vexic929
Adoptable Bleach OC - Satomi Urahara by Vexic929
Maho Yuzuki without Background by Vexic929
Fairy Kei Hatchables by Vexic929
Gothic Lolita Hatchables by Vexic929
Schoolgirl Hatchables by Vexic929
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If you don't want a commission anyone who donates more than 10 points will get a feature in my journal.

If you would like a journal skin I will create it and give you the CSS and instructions if needed on how to use it, if you would like an icon I'll create it and upload it at the size needed to use it on dA so you can just download it and use it unless you specify otherwise.

I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason (though I will most likely let you know why, I promise I won't do it just to be a jerk).

Work For Points 'Stamp' by Nessarie

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Animorphs: Tom and Laura by LittleGreenGamer

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Light and Vexic929 Dance by Loves-Chihuahuas
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Kai Yagami - Vexic929 by Loves-Chihuahuas
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Chibi Req - Kiyoko n Keitaro by Loves-Chihuahuas
Commission - Urahara and niece by Loves-Chihuahuas
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My Secretary's Name by MerisStory
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Hey ShortyKeiko Skipped gleefully above Tokyo while giggling excessively.
"Come on Shiro-Chan! You're so slow!"
"Come on! Come back and fight!"
"But why would I want to hurt such a cute little face?"
Keiko dodged Hitsugaya's attacks effortlessly and disappeared into thin air. She reappeared high above the irritated captain and continued to taunt him.
"Up here!" She said.
Hitsugaya followed suit and attacked aiming for the chest, but she disappeared again and left him annoyed, "Would you stop playing games?"
"Oh but where is the fun in that?"
He looked down and she was just standing there smirking at him.
"Ya know, this is slightly pathetic. I expected more from you, Captain…hmm…guess I overestimated you."
Hitsugaya frowned…'who is this annoying girl, and what is her point? She isn't fighting at all…it is almost as if she is leading me somewhere….or away from something,'
Keiko smirked, 'Everything is going as planned…'
"Time for phase two," she said and snapped her f

Hey Shorty- Chapter 2              Keiko glanced over at the blond-haired boy next to her. He was happily playing with his new pet dragonfly. She grumbled to herself as she thought of what was coming up. She knew Aizen would be ticked if he found out about her rescuing Captain Hitsugaya. She looked at Wonderweiss again, he was totally oblivious like usual. She scooted her chair closer to him, as much as she was protective of him, he helped her feel safer. He was like a little brother to her, Annoying at times, but she still cared for him. Besides, it wasn't his fault he was stupid, Aizen was just heartless and selfish.
Keiko reached down into her bag and stroked her pet lizard. He laid at the bottom of the bag, sleeping peacefully. Her mp3 player was inside also. She had decided not to bring her cell phone; Aizen would probably be able to track her with it.
"Better hope Aizen doesn't find out," Grimmjow gracefully walked in.
"What are yo

Hey Shorty-Chapter 3"What the h*** happened this morning?" Renji flexed his arm and hand, Orihime had healed it to perfection. Renji looked around the crowded shop. The entire 10th division, Rukia, Chad, Uryu, Ichigo, Masako and Orihime were all there.
"Who knows, seven Arrancars, and all spread out. It took all of us just to keep up." Said Ichigo.
"Not to mention, they left before anyone else could get here…"
Uryu scoffed and pushed back his glasses, "Well obviously it was a diversion. They wanted everyone else busy so they could steal Urahara's invention. It was probably under Aizen's orders."
"What did they take Urahara?" Rukia said curious.
"I call it Goman. A person can use it to cause their enemy immense pain."
"It's easy to see why they would want it, but why would you invent such a device?" Rukia asked.
"Well, I was bored and wondered if I could do it."
"I don't like the idea of Aizen having such a weapon."
"None of us do…hey Captain, you seem very distracted. You haven't said a word thr

Hey Shorty-Chapter 4Chapter 4
Keiko stepped out of the tunnel and looked around the cliff for Hitsugaya. Sure enough he was sitting along the rail with his cell phone out.
"Hey Shiro-chan!" She said in a cheery tone.
"..." Hitsugaya didn't even look up from his phone in acknowledgment that he heard her.
"Well hello Captain-pouty-pants. Just becaue you were almost killed...and rescued by a girl...arrancar...doesn't mean you have to sit around sulking!"
"You're not very good at comforting people are you? It doesn't matter anyways, I'm not sulking. I just wanted to get away from everything."
"Uhuh," Keiko said sarcastically.
Keiko pulled out a couple of Ichigo Daifuku from the little box she had carried them in and carefully placed one on top of Hitsugaya's head.
"What are you doing?" He said as he took it off his head.
"I was trying to balance it on top of your spikes...but it didn't work...your hair is too soft!" She ruffled his fluffy white hair and giggled.
Hitsugaya ignored Keiko's remarks and thought t

Mono-chibi by MerisStory

From feleva
Matt and Mello plays by feleva

From Asagi-K-Kurosaki
Angel To You, Devil To MeAngel To You, Devil To Me
Ichigo sighed
He hated this
He hated this wtih a burning, flaming passion
Why and how he  got roped into this were both mysteries to him
But the sad truth is that somehow
He did
Now exactly, why is he in such a bad mood?
Well because he has to babysit Urahara's DEVIL NEICE!
That, is why
Now you may find it a bit odd that the hero of Soul Society
The person who single-handedly took down Aizen
And the strongest Soul Reaper in history
Is scared of a four-year-old girl
'My fear is perfectly rational,' he thought
'She is the DEVIL'S SPAWN!'
Just as he thought this the little blonde girl rushed up to him
"Uncle Ichi!"
"Play beauty model with me!"
He sighed, was his pride not dameged enough already?
"Satomi, I really don't want to-"
"I SAID PLAY BEAUTY MODEL WITH ME!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs
Ichigo gulped
---- Three hours later -----
"You look simply DASHING Ichigo," Rukia said with a smirk
"Shut. Up." Ichigo muttered
Somehow the he

Arrancar ARE Evil...Arrancar ARE Evil...
The shock from the sudden loud noise had made Ichigo jump up in surprise and tumbel off of his bed
... Earning a shrill, loud, laugh from the menace who caused his near stroke in the first place...
"Hahahhaha!! You're funny Uncle Ichi!! You haven't even seen me yet and you're already scared!!"
It was at that very point in time that Ichigo felt pure fear rising in the core of his being
He new that voice....
That voice.....
The voice of pure, unbrideled, EVIL was upon him
He reluctantly turned around and gulped as he looked up at Urahara's neice
'Why... oh why... does she always come find ME wen she visits her uncle....?' he wondered to himself
As he looked up, he saw his freind's young neice and gaped
She was wearing an Arrancar uniform.... and a hollow mask.....
"Uncle Kiuske made me a pretty crystal and now I have this cool outfit!!"
His eyes rolled in the back of his head...
He felt lightheaded....
And sure enough, after only a few moments....

The Devil's SpawnThe Devil's Spawn
She had done it this time, Kiuske Urahara's DEVIL NEICE Satomi had REALLY done it this time! She came into a meeting he was having at school and started showing everyone in the classroom pictures she took of him in make up! (That was her fault too but that was another story...) After that his previously high spot on the totum poll dropped to the very bottum... and he was going to get her back for this! She wasn't a "little girl", she was the devil's spawn...
"I've had it Rukia, I tell you I've had it!" Ichigo shouted, Rukia rolled her eyes, "Oh come now Ichigo, she's just a little girl, you can't do anything about it," she muttered, he slammed his hands on the desk in front of him, "She tried to slice you open!!" "She was playing surgeon.." "With a butcher nife?!" "Playing is playing..." "Wat kind of little girl plays with something like that and tries to plunge it into a woman's heart?!" "The kind playing Mayan Sacrifice!!" he sighed, "Look, you're either with me or

From xXxSamanieXxX
Vexic929 Chibi by xXxSamanieXxX

From RedgeandLilly
Kai and Lorelai by RedgeandLilly
Vexic929 OC's by RedgeandLilly
LightxMelina Wedding Picture by RedgeandLilly
Nothing I Won't GiveHaunted by the past a nightmare that seemed so unreal…I wish that I could turn back time and spare the pain that we both feel…</i>
Gone. They were both gone now. He felt almost numb as the mass of people pressed in around them trying to help in some way. Keitaro still stuck close to his side, moving when he moved, as if they were joined at the hip. He felt a brief flicker of pain as he saw the same shock and hurt he was feeling mirrored in Keitaro's too-wide eyes.
He could only hope that Keitaro was still impressionable enough that this would not hurt him so much one day. That he would no longer remember crouching in a closet as they listened to their mother die. Forget that he had wrapped his body protectively around him, offering the shooter his back, to protect him in case they were the next target. To forget how Kai had covered his eyes and muttered vague words of comfort in an attempt to keep him from wandering out of the closet to where their mother's lifeless

From AcerbusKeeper
Children of Kira Kai by AcerbusKeeper
Punk Kai by AcerbusKeeper
Kai by AcerbusKeeper
Commission for Vexic929 by AcerbusKeeper
Sato Mikami for Vexic929 by AcerbusKeeper
Commission fro Vexic929 by AcerbusKeeper

From Danix54
Sherlock Holmes: My Cover by Danix54

From Anily-AKW-DPP-136

From Bio-C
shiny key chain by Bio-C

From sugarbearkitty
kai yagami by sugarbearkitty
Chibi self vexic929 by sugarbearkitty

From Miruna-Lavinia
Commission for Vexic929 by Miruna-Lavinia
Commission for Vexic929 by Miruna-Lavinia

From DaphInteresting
Paypal Commission - For Vexic929 by DaphInteresting
Paypal Commission 2  - For Vexic929 by DaphInteresting
Commission - For Vexic929 by DaphInteresting

From AdryJustend
IshiHime Stamp by AdryJustend

From invisibleinnocence
Commission: Arrested by invisibleinnocence

From murosakii-chan
Commission - keitaro and Kai by murosakii-chan

From Dragon-Screamer
comish - Ichigo and Satomi by Dragon-Screamer

From WammyGirl
commission for Vexic929 by WammyGirl

From SakuraMizuKaze
Kaoru's Twins -- Commission by SakuraMizuKaze

From Crimson-Revelation
Comission for Vexic929 by Crimson-Revelation

From StephanieRosario
:. Example Digital Commish .: by StephanieRosario

From MoonPrincessAya
Commission : Leila vs. Keiko by MoonPrincessAya

From Solixlan-XVII
Watashitachi by Solixlan-XVII

From SpeedyAlchemist
DEVIL by SpeedyAlchemist

From Kaze-yo
Bleach: Uryuu stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo

From lostie815
Commission 15 by lostie815

From stickfigureparadise
Just Another Day by stickfigureparadise

From Blazethecat321
The Reaper and Her New Demon Butler by Blazethecat321

From Kaoru----Hitachiin
Request 3 by Kaoru----Hitachiin

From Rotten-Apple-Doodle
[gift] Thank you to Vexy-chan~ by Rotten-Apple-Doodle

From xbluephantomx
Commission: The Body Guard by xbluephantomx

From SailorLuna101
The Girl Who Dares to Touch the Sun Ch. 1The Girl Who Dares to Touch The Sun Chapter 1
I take a running leap off the building I was kept in for half my life. As I fall for a fleeting moment, I am fueled with fear-filled adrenaline at the thought that I would plunge to my death. Then my wings unfurled and I took to the sky, leaving the cries of the men that pursued me moments ago. A while later, as my wings grew heavy, I landed as softly as I could into a tree, and stopped for a break.
My name is Serafina, and this is how my story began.
When I was young, men broke into my house, killed my parents and kidnapped me. They had strapped me to tables with my chest on the cool metal as they cut my back to find nerves that automail could be attached to. Eventually they found them, and they knocked me out with anesthesia, and I woke up in my cell hours later, feeling heavy, but still lightweight metal on my back. That was when the tests began. They would force me off of ledges in this building, and I would have to try and fly. This we

From XxWolfythehipsterXx
Headshot Commission by XxWolfythehipsterXx

From tohlemma
I Love The Things You Hate about Yourself [Gacha] by tohlemma

The spirit of fear...

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 19, 2015, 11:20 AM
I write this today, saddened and a bit nauseated by the actions and words of fellow Christians regarding the Syrian refugees. I feel the need to get this off my chest. As always, I don't claim to have all the answers but I do feel that this is what God is leading me to say. 

We are not called to live in a spirit of fear. This is made clear not only in 2 Timothy 1:7 but also by the extensive amount of times He says "do not be afraid" or some derivative of that. We are called to be Christ-like, compassionate, loving, of sound mind and judgment, and fully trusting in our God. The responses I've seen from other Christians have been fearful. Oh sure, many of them hide it behind excuses like "well we can't let them in because we're not taking care of our homeless" or "we can't trust them so we shouldn't let them in" or "we have to protect our children/country/Christianity" but all of this stems from fear.

Don't misunderstand though, I get it. I get why they're afraid, it only makes sense to be. We've witnessed plenty of horrific things in our lifetimes and attacks on those who live in faith seem to grow more every day but we MUST keep living in the faith. We MUST trust that God will help our homeless if we ask Him to. God doesn't ask us to trust other humans, He only asks that we trust in Him. God is in control just as He always has been and always will be, He doesn't need us to protect Him or Christianity. Should we stand for our faith? Absolutely! But turning people away who we could witness to--people who need Him and need us to help them through His power? That's NOT standing for our faith. If anything, that's only sending the message that Christians care only for themselves. God is still God no matter if we lose our freedom to worship Him or not. God is still God even if we're killed because we had compassion on those who aren't willing to be compassionate in return. God is still God even when we are persecuted for living like Him.

Knowing what I know of Jesus, I don't think He would turn the refugees away, so we shouldn't either.

"When I was hungry, you gave me something to eat, and when I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink. When I was a stranger, you welcomed me'...'whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me." Matthew 25:35 & 40 CEV

  • Mood: Isolated


Black Butler Contract Mark
Contract Mark for Neko-Kai-Phantomhive by Vexic929Contract Mark for Chi-ChiKoalaBear by Vexic929Contract Mark for Lyra-Elante by Vexic929

I will create a contract mark for your demon or contractor OC
The Wand Chooses the Witch/Wizard
Modified Wand Commission Example by Vexic929
I will create a wand for you with a random appearance and statistics for you to submit as your own wand to be created if you like it enough~

If you want your house colors tell me your house in a note. If you absolutely DO NOT want any specific color (e.g. pink, green, purple, etc.) let me know beforehand!

11-14 inches only.
Pottermore Modified Wand Illustration
Modified Wand Commission Example by Vexic929
I've noticed the wands on Pottermore are a bit lacking in customized features which can be a real drag when wanting someone to create the real thing. If you supply me with a screenshot of your wand and what features you'd like to be changed I will draw it to your specifications so you can submit your beautiful wand to come to life (there are some great Etsy artists who do it for relatively cheap, just search Pottermore Wand~)

Price subject to go up with complexity, please do not pay until we've settled on a price.

11-14 inches only.
Song Cover………

I will cover a song of your choice (please send me a link to the karaoke/instrumental or I cannot guarantee I will be able to do it) and link you to it on my soundcloud.
Chibi Drawing
Gacha Hatchables for YoshikuniTsubaki555--Hatched! by Vexic929

Simple, one character, colored chibi style. Price will go up 100 points per added character.
Makeup Tutorial…

I will record a makeup tutorial for you.
Anime-style Drawing
Mirai wo Kudaki Cover WIP by Vexic929

Simple anime-style one character drawing with coloring. Price goes up 300 points per character. 500+ points for a background depending on how detailed it is.
Anime-style Portrait
Portrait Commission1 by Vexic929
A simple headshot portrait in anime style in color with no shading and minimal detail. Photograph needed must be at least 500x500 pixels no greater than 2000x2000 pixels. If you want lineart with no color, please message for a reduced rate.
Instrumental Free-use Song
I will create one instrumental song of your choice for you to use freely anywhere. Name a genre, mood, or any specific instruments you wish to include and I will do my best to meet your specifications. Song length ranges from 1-10 minutes (if you do not specify it will be anywhere from 2-5 minutes).

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Also come by and check out my t-shirt designs in my Spreadshirt shop!


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Please help me buy a new laptop so I can continue my business and keep making stuff for you guys!

Cosplay Checklist

21st Century Edward Elric:

Ronald Knox:
-Tie (In progress)
-Death Scythe

Fem!Mad Hatter:

Edward Elric:
✓Pocket watch
-Automail (In progress)

Haruhi Fujioka:

Fem!Light Yagami:
✓Skirt (needs alterations)
✓Death Note

Rukia Kuchiki:

✓Pocketwatch (borrowed from Edward Elric cosplay so mostly...)

Naomi Misora:

Holly Short:
✓Helmet/Goggles/Visor thingy
✓Acorn necklace thingy



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Merry Early Christmas, thank you for the fave back then.
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Thank you~ ^^ you too!
Zelsmith Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015
Thanks. :)
Lipizzaner-Kgirl Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Student General Artist
Thanks for the favorite! It means a lot. :)
Vexic929 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem dear ^^
Zelsmith Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
I finally made you a gift, just as I promised, what do you think?…
Vexic929 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It looks great, thank you~
RisenWarrior Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Vexic929 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
lol it's great XD can't seem to get my collections to work though so I'll have to add it later~
RisenWarrior Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Can you leave a comment on it, though? :D
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